An Unexpected Family: story from a slum
tells the story of three inspiring people connected to the Lenana Slum, Nairobi.

In the heart of the Lenana is a project run by Hanne Howard. While on safari in Kenya, Hanne had a life changing encounter with a mother and baby dying of HIV. Compelled to act, Hanne created the Hanne Howard Fund (HHF). The daily challenges are immense but this project is now her lifework.

Duncan Muindi represents all that is good and potentially bad in the slum. He is an astonishingly talented artist but he flirted with a life of crime.  Hanne offered him an opportunity to volunteer as an art teacher. Duncan has flourished and he realises that he has a chance for a better life.

Benson Onyango Odima’s life is an example of what is possible for Duncan. Benson is soft spoken man who grew up in a tin shack with his family in a nearby slum.  Benson was fortunate to receive an education and today he is an IT consultant with a wife and two young children.  Benson is living proof that a better future is possible.

These captivating people represent all that is possible for the slum and it’s people. An Unexpected Family: story from a slum tells the story of how hardship, challenges and, most importantly, hope binds their lives together.

American Online Film Awards 2