Where are we now?

Hello all,

Apologies its been awhile since I’ve given you an update on the project but we’ve all been busy working on other projects so we have been a bit distracted. Things are definitely progressing if a bit slowly. The footage has now all been logged and I’m busy trying to put my story together. Part of the problem is that I probably have too much to choose from. That’s not the worst situation to be in as a filmmaker but I am grappling with what to leave in and what to leave out. There are so many good stories but there is the possibility of including too much and diluting the impact of the film.

We’ve arranged to do the picture edit in Brazil for very cheap. All the footage is now with the editor in Brazil and we are about to have our first Skype conversation to discuss the edit for the film. Hopefully I’ll be heading to Brazil to work on the edit in the next couple of months to get the picture edit completed. Diego is looking to hold a fundraising event in Brazil in July, which will fund the completion of the film and Christian is investigating doing the sound mix in Germany. With our small budget these are the things we need to do to complete this film. As always if you know of anyone that would like to contribute financially please let us know.

Some good news is that an article I wrote for the Australian Cinematographer was published in June, 2009. I’ve posted the pages in the media section for you to read (I’ve also posted it in an easier to read format). They’ve both been posted in the Press/ Media section. We’ve also posted the fun promo type video we put together from our footage to show the kids of the project. We screened it for the kids in the slum while we were there and the reaction was just amazing. While the video was made to entertain the kids and doesn’t completely represent the documentary but it gives you a good idea of the quality of the footage. Christian recently was back in Nairobi and visited the project. Good news is that things are going really well and he’s written something for the blog as well as some photos.

So that’s where we are right now with the project. It’s all very exciting and we’re looking forward to showing it to you all in the near future.


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