Director/ Producer: Riyad Barmania

Riyad, born and raised to South African parents, is passionate about Africa and humanitarian causes. After completing a two-year course specializing in directing he has worked on films, commercials and music videos in the UK,  Canada and Australia. Riyad is a natural storyteller and seeks out stories that both enlighten and entertain.

documentary-ph.jpg Director of Photography/ Producer: Diego Pascoalino

Diego was born and raised in Brazil. As a child Diego received his first 35-mm still camera from his father and since then has never stopped taking photos. Diego has worked on films, commercials and documentaries in Australia and Brazil. He has shot on the busiest streets, on the waves of spectacular beaches and in the remote desert. Diego recently was awarded silver and bronze awards for cinematography from the Australian Cinematography Society.

unbenannt.jpg Camera/ Producer: Christian Mario Loehr

Christian has lived in Africa for over twenty years with thirteen of those in Kenya. As a teenager Christian became fascinated with film and started making his own short films. Christian recently completed a two year course in Australia specializing in cinematography and is furthering his experience working in Germany. Through film, Christian hopes to influence people to help create a better world.

Editor: Anna Lucchese

Anna graduated in Broadcasting in Brazil and received her Master’s in film making in Spain. Among her works, is an award-winning documentary called “Passerby Look”, about social problems in her Brazilian hometown São Paulo. Since 2005, she has been working as a freelancer for several production companies in Brazil. At the moment, she is also developing a research project about Spanish immigration in São Paulo.

Sound Editor / Dubbing Mixer: Jeb Hawkins

Graduating in 2009 with an MSc in Advanced Music Production, Jeb has found his calling in Post Production Sound. Now a Freelancer, with an experience in audio starting 8 years ago with a City & Guilds course in Sound Engineering, he has a passion for making the best of a Sound Design and making the director’s story come to life. This year he has worked on, various short films, animations and commercial material.

Title and Credits Designer: Alan Morse

Alan “Moley” Morse is an freelance designer and animator living and working in Cardiff, Wales, UK, specialising in 3D animation and motion graphics for film, broadcast and the web. ‘An Unexpected Family’ was an opportunity for Alan to collaborate on a documentary film for the first time. The film’s theme and content made the project particularly appealing and presented some interesting challenges when considering how best to present the film’s graphic information. Alan is currently working on a number of film and music video projects.

Composer: Jordan Andrews

An already accomplished guitarist Jordan decided to hone his engineering and production skills at the Academy of Contemporary Music. After graduating, he started his own commercial recording studio in Cardiff where he records the city’s most exciting talent. Working closely with his film maker brother Ryan Andrews there has been a natural transistion into music composition for the media. Jordan is now fully committed to music composition and has already been credited on various shorts, commercial videos and a feature.

Associate Producer: Karina Bernauer

Karina was born and raised in Brazil, she started her career in the marketing industry. After four years, she decided to pursue what she really loves: filmmaking.  She then studied film production, film business and distribution. Today, she uses her marketing experience in the film industry, working as a producer on films, commercials and music videos. She aims to produce films that will give something good and important back to mankind.

Indigo Productions:

Based in Sao Paulo Brazil, Indigo Produções e Comunicação Organizacional is an audiovisual production company focused on the efficient, actual and effective communication of ideas, products and services. Indigo’s values are creativity-ethics-diversity-entrepreneurship-teamwork. Indigo’s purpose is to create stimulus that inspire attitudes … for a better tomorrow.


David Krae

Raised in a hard-rock mining town in northern Ontario, David worked his way up the ranks in the Toronto film industry behind the camera and in front of it as an actor. He directed his first independent feature while working as a graphic artist in the advertising business.
With a passion for story, David is an award-winning and prolific writer, generating his own material and regularly called upon to help others with their own projects. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

Dana Wilson:

Born and raised in Canada, has assisted in the production of several films shown on the international festival circuit. In 2005, she produced a documentary for Transport for London and the following year a documentary in Kenya and Uganda that examined the spread of AIDS along the northern transport corridor. Her current documentary focuses on the coerced sterilization of Roma women in the Czech Republic and was broadcast on CNN in July 2008.


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